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Welcome to Education Abroad at the University of Idaho!

In order to appeal to UIdaho's diverse range of students, Education Abroad, in the International Programs Office, offers a wide variety of for-credit education programs. Students browse available programs and apply online by selecting the Programs link on the navigation bar, at the top left-hand corner of this page. More information about education abroad opportunities and next steps can be found on the Education Abroad page.

For questions about studying abroad, please contact us at

For more information about Faculty/Staff-Led International travel, click here.
To begin a faculty-led proposal application, click here.
The International Programs Office also administers the university’s International Travel Registry, found in the top left corner of this page. The International Travel Registry allows faculty, staff and students on UIdaho-sponsored travel abroad to inform the University of their international travel plans related to University purposes and activities.  Registering your international helps the University to contact you in case of an emergency; helps you stay in contact with the University and get urgent safety, health, and security-related information and assistance if needed; and provides insurance through the University’s United Health Plan. 

 For questions about the International Travel Registry, please contact
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